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Pre-Purchase or Pre-Rental EMF Home Inspection


For a Comprehensive Understanding of Your EMF Exposure

An EMF Inspection Before You Sign the Contract

Some of the man-made EMFs that we worry about are from external sources that homeowners have little or no control over. Overhead powerlines, cell phone towers and radar installations are examples of these.

By having a pre-purchase or pre-rental EMF inspection of your home, condo or apartment you go into your new living space knowing what external factors may be of consequence to you, your family and your pets.

Typically, these surveys consist of the following:

  • Measuring magnetic field levels from nearby overhead or underground powerlines.
  • Measuring radio frequency levels from nearby cell phone towers or radar installations
  • The measurement of both

These inspections can take place during a due diligence period or even before you submit an offer or a rental application.

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