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Full Home EMF Surveys


For a Comprehensive Understanding of Your EMF Exposure

What is a Full EMF Survey?

When we do a full EMF survey we look for the four man-made EMFs that are commonly found in people’s homes and apartments.  These four EMFs are:

  • AC Magnetic Fields,
  • AC Electric Fields
  • Radio Frequency Sources
  • Dirty Electricity

Click on the links above to learn more about these man-made EMFs and their possible health effects from EMF Guide.

These inspections are for people that want to ensure that they, their families and their pets aren’t being subjected to elevated levels of man-made EMFs where they live and sleep.

Due to the comprehensive nature of a full home EMF survey it can take 3 – 6 hours depending on the square footage of dwelling and the number of living spaces and bedrooms.

A full home EMF survey is a three step process:

First, we test and measure the EMF levels in your home paying particular attention to the living and sleeping areas.

Second, we attempt to ascertain the sources of any elevated readings.

Lastly, we go over the findings with you and offer recommendations on how to effectively reduce or eliminate these EMF sources.

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