Full Home, Condo, Apartment or Business EMF Inspection

For full, on-site home, condominium, apartment and business EMF inspections, it will take 3 – 6 hours depending on the square footage of dwelling and the number of occupants.  An EMF survey will generally consist of evaluating for the following types of EMFs:

Magnetic fields are commonly caused by electrical wiring errors, proximity to overhead power lines and grounding sources, such as stray electrical current on water pipes.

Un-shielded electrical wiring (commonly known as ROMEX), is the main culprit for electrical fields. This can be an issue for the electrical circuits that service sleeping areas.

Radio frequency fields are caused by wireless devices. Common examples of these are cell phones, wifi routers, cordless telephones, computers, tablets, smart electric meters, smart gas meters, and cell phone towers.

Dirty electricity can be caused by CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), dimmer switches and computers, among other things. These can sometimes be reduced by utilizing filters.

Assessments start at $399 and are priced according to square footage of house. Contact us for a specific quote for your home.

Outbuildings that are considered living spaces and fed electricity from the house, additional occupant body voltages and corrective measures, and having to access a crawl space are all additional costs.

Other EMF Inspections

We also provide EMF inspections for prospective real estate purchases or for people about to enter rental agreements. Additionally, we do inspections for new builds, provide land surveys and do online and phone consultations. Contact us to learn more.

This EMF survey is for people that are about to purchase or rent a new dwelling and want to ensure that there aren’t any prominent EMF sources (electrical fields, magnetic fields, radio frequency fields or dirty electricity) that wouldn’t be able to be mitigated or eliminated entirely.

Examples of this would be magnetic fields from adjacent, overhead transmission lines or a nearby cellphone tower.

Land surveys can be done to determine proximity to transmission lines (underground and overhead) and cellular towers. These can often times help determine where the optimal placement would be for sleeping quarters if a new dwelling is being built.

These surveys are less time intensive and are billed at $100/hour.

If you don’t live close to the Wasatch Range, I can consult with you via phone, skype, facetime or email.

Pricing is $400 for a full house evaluation or $100/hour for less intensive consultations.

We’re available to consult on electrical wiring planning and design for new homes, apartments and condominiums.

We charge $100/hour for this consulting.

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