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My EMF journey began when my daughter began having difficulty sleeping after we moved into a new home. Wondering if there were any environmental factors that were contributing to this, I discovered that our electrical smart meter was placed directly on the other side of the wall she was sleeping next to.

I researched the issue and discovered that these types of meters were problematic for many people.  I called our electrical utility and after getting the meter removed, she began to sleep better.

That was the beginning of my interest in man-made EMFs and I decided to become a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and ElectroMagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) through the Building Biology Institute.

I started EMF Utah to provide Utahns with a better understanding of the invisible, environmental factors that may be affecting them in and around their home or place of business.

By helping identify the sources and magnitude of magnetic fields, electrical fields, radio frequency fields and dirty electricity, clients can make more informed decisions regarding possible health issues and their overall quality of life.