Learn More About EMF Utah

We started EMF Utah to provide people with a better understanding of the invisible, environmental factors that may be affecting them in and around their home or place of business. By helping identify the sources and magnitude of magnetic fields, electrical fields, radio frequency fields and dirty electricity, clients can make more informed decisions regarding possible health issues and their overall quality of life.

Below are some of the EMFs we inspect for:

Magnetic fields are commonly caused by electrical wiring errors, proximity to overhead power lines and grounding sources, such as stray electrical current on water pipes.

Un-shielded electrical wiring (commonly known as ROMEX), is the main culprit for electrical fields. This can be an issue for the electrical circuits that service sleeping areas.

Radio frequency fields are caused by wireless devices. Common examples of these are cell phones, wifi routers, cordless telephones, computers, tablets, smart electric meters, smart gas meters, and cell phone towers.

Dirty electricity can be caused by CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), dimmer switches and computers, among other things. These can sometimes be reduced by utilizing filters.

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