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Common EMF Questions


Answers to Questions About EMFs and Our EMF Services in Utah


Below are some of the more common questions we’re asked about electro-magnetic fields and EMF inspections that we provide.

More questions are coming soon.

Please contact us for any specific questions you may have.


What are EMFs?

EMF is short for “electro-magnetic field.”

We specifically inspect and test for four types of man-made electro-magnetic fields.  These are:

If you’re interested in a more in-depth explanation EMF Guide has a great introduction to EMFs on their What are EMFs? page and subsequent chapters on each specific type of EMF is linked above.


Why Should I Have an EMF Inspection?

An EMF inspection provides people with a better understanding of the invisible, environmental factors that may be affecting them in and around their home or place of business.

By helping identify the sources and magnitude of magnetic fields, electrical fields, radio frequency fields and dirty electricity, clients can make more informed decisions regarding possible health issues and their overall quality of life.


What are the health risks of EMFs?

There’s been several cancer studies that have analyzed high magnetic field exposure from high voltage powerlines/substations and high radio frequency fields from cell phones and towers. 

The National Toxicology Study from last year is a good example of the latter.

For more EMF health studies and research, Jeromy Johnson has a descriptive page on his site worth visiting.